The Worlds of Raw Denim and Street Fighter™ 2 Collide

Naked & Famous Denim and Japanese video game developer Capcom have partnered up to create a capsule collection of jeans featuring the arcade classic Street Fighter 2.

“We are denim nerds who are also video game nerds”, says owner and designer of Naked & Famous Denim, Brandon Svarc. “Working closely with Capcom to create these exciting jeans is literally a nostalgic dream come true for our team.”

For this collaboration, jeans featuring the characters from Street Fighter 2 were made using custom woven Japanese selvedge denim fabrics each one designed to embody the persona of the character they are based on. Other details include; a metallic foil stamped natural tan leather patch, signature icon pocket embroidery, character artwork printed pocket bags, and holofoil pocket flasher featuring artwork from Udon Comics.

The jeans are made in Canada from denim that was woven on old-fashioned shuttle looms in the Okayama prefecture of Japan. The yarns are dyed black in a special process called rope dying. In this process, only the outermost layers of the cotton yarn absorb dye, leaving the core of the yarn white. With prolonged wear, this unique fabric will gradually shed layers of dye and slowly reveal a beautifully and uniquely faded pair of jeans.



Ryu Hadoken Slevedge

Guile Sonic Boom Selvedge

Akuma Raging Demon Selvedge

streetfighter_combined 3.jpg


M. Bison Psycho Power Selvedge

Chun Li Lightning Leg Denim

Blanka Electric Surge Selvedge

Ryu + Ken Jacquard Shirt

Hadoken Jacquard Shirt

Akuma + Heaven Jacquard Shirt



Ken Shoryuken Selvedge

E. Honda Heavyweight Sumo Selvedge

Ryu Hadoken Selvedge Cap