Goku Super Saiyan Selvedge Denim

Icon of Dragon Ball icons, we bring you the Goku Super Saiyan Selvedge. We had to make a denim to match his gi.  The uniform dates back to Goku’s early days at the Turtle School training under Master Roshi. While the original uniform was red and had the school’s logo prominently on the chest and back.  

Goku’s subsequent gis often harken back to that aesthetic to embody a Saiyan always a student, always training, always trying to be better.  

So, we went with a striking orange weft woven into the indigo warp. We have to think that Goku would appreciate all the mastery and hard-earned skill involved in using one of these Japanese shuttle looms, as well. The machines are decades old and shake loudly. Maintaining and running them takes the operators years of training. The edges of the fabric are finished with an orange and blue selvedge ID. 
While fearsome and powerful like Vegeta and Cell, Goku also demonstrates humility, kindness, caring. Those more human traits are built into this slubby 12.5oz Japanese Stretch Selvedge Denim. The stretch accommodates and is more forgiving than rigid denim, and the slubbiness exists as a symbol of imperfections as rugged character.  
Both the jeans and the jacket feature Goku ready to battle on a vegetable tan fullgrain leather patch. Both have the Dragon Ball Z x Naked & Famous Denim dual branded logo. Both have the proprietary Dragon Ball top button. The jeans have a portrait of Goku on one of the blue pocket bags, and the Japanese Kanji symbol 悟 embroidered on the back pocket. The jacket features悟 embroidered on the chest pocket.  

We made the Goku Super Saiyan Selvedge to celebrate training, hard work, compassion in all these ways just like their namesake character. 

bahzad trinos