Updates to our CORE Products Canadian MSRP


Starting July 15th, we will be making retail price adjustments to some of the CORE range of products.  These changes are being made as a response to the decline in the exchange value of the Canadian dollar, as we purchase our fabrics in USD and JPY.  For several years we’ve incurred these costs and held off adjusting our prices as we did not want to constantly have to adjust our suggested retail prices.  The suggested prices on our CORE models will be adjusted on average about $25, putting our Canadian suggested retail prices more in line with our international pricing. It’s always a difficult decision when we need to make adjustments such as these, and we hope that you understand our position and reasoning. Our devotion remains the same; creating the most exciting and innovative products while still being made in Canada and delivering them at a great price point. We proudly remain best value for Japanese Selvedge Denim in Canada.

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